Our theme for this years Fall Giving Campaign is "No Instrument Left Behind" as we grown our Summer Jazz Workshop Scholarship Fund. Many kids are detoured to other activities simply because they cant afford the lessons or the instruments needed to succeed. Our goal is to change this pardigmn as this is #LegacySeason and our goal is to help put instruments into the hands of all of our students and uplift their musical I.Q.

Here is were you come into to play your chance to empower young musicians in the Greater Houston Area.


Contributions start at $10 \ $24 \ $50 \ $100 \ $500+ \ what ever comes from the heart!

We thank you in advance and lets continue to make some beautiful music together and support the future Jazz impresario's to arrive onto the big stage.


Summer Jazz Workshop All-Stars

How my donations impact Jazz Education?

Summer Jazz Workshop

An exciting and challenging five week intensive music education youth camp which focuses on the fundamentals of music, jazz and its associated business aspects for young musicians. Your donation will provide scholarships/financial assistance to students to attend the workshop.

Music in the Schools

Jazz & Poetry is in interactive, engaging, one of a kind performance which will delight the audience with its story of How the Great American art form of Jazz music was created.

Your donation will go towards sponsoring area Elementary Students to see this performance during Nationally Celebrated Black History month.

Houston International Jazz Fest

The HIJF, featuring “international”, national, regional, and local Jazz musicians, enhances Houston’s reputation as an arts center and attracts Jazz aficionados worldwide.

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Why we love jazz ed

It is a pleasure to give back to an organization that has inspired my son. He has learned so much while attending the Summer Jazz Workshop. This program has helped build his knowledge of music but more importantly, it has helped to build his character. The education received in this program can’t be taught in a classroom.

Shironda White Summer Jazz Workshop Parent

The Summer Jazz Workshop is the best thing that has happened for our youth with a strong musical interest. I absolutely love THE SUMMER JAZZ WORKSHOP!

Donna Franklin KTSU Radio - Program Director

This campaign is about the importance of Jazz Education. That fact has been our focus for the past 46 years, and we are going to keep proving scholarships and grants to students who share that same focus and passion. We are keeping the rich history and culture of jazz music alive.

Mayor Sylvester Turner Mayor of Houston

When I was in SJW, I had the structure of the program, but also the mentorship from Don Wilkerson. He took the time to show me a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Now as an alumni, I am paying it forward. That’s what it’s about when you leave SJW. It’s about your commitment to the impact of the program and the continued benefit for the students.

Lloyd Hughes SJW Alumni - Saxophonist

As an artist and instructor with SJW, I want for my students to achieve much greater than me. With this program, we are giving these young students the creative tools and information necessary to Get Better and Do Bigger things than we ever have.

Kyle Turner SJW Alumni - Saxophonist

I love giving back and sharing my testimony with others. These kids have creativity in them at a young age. I wanted to inspire these young musicians who are the jazz artists for tomorrow.

Ben Tankard Godfather of Gospel Jazz

It’s a great honor helping to shape and mold young musicians and to contribute to the future musical community here in Houston and around the world.

Bubbha Thomas Founder

Mr. Thomas and Conrad Johnson have done an excellent job giving the children of Houston an outlet to play.

Lindsay Buchanan SJW Alumni - Violinist